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Does Cher have a Fan Club? Yes! Welcome to the CHER Fan Club, the Official Website of Cher. Photo: Singer-actress Cher wearing a blonde wig and white clothes, 2003.

Cher, a single word that transcends generations! This is the Official Website of the world-class legendary multi-talented icon known as Cher!

There are a handful of one-named divas in the world, and then there's Cher. Eternally youthful and ever-vital as a creative, trend-setting figure, Cher is quite simply a force of nature. 

As a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, top-grossing live performer, Emmy-winning TV star, and Oscar-winner actress, Cher is truly peerless. In a career that's approaching seven history-making decades, Cher is an artist creative enough to succeed in every entertainment medium, including:

  • A widely successful singing career with hits in every decade from the 1960s to the 2020s

  • Two top 10-rated TV series

  • A critically acclaimed performance on the Broadway stage

  • A string of hit films, including an Academy Award for Best Actress for Moonstruck

  • One of the top-grossing tours ever by any female artist

...And counting!

Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, Cher never fails to give her fans a reason to Believe!

Welcome to the Cher Fan Club!

Cher's Signature

About Cher.

About Us.

Welcome to the Official Website of Cher! Connecting over 600,000 fans, or the Cher Crew, across social media platforms, Cher Fan Club is the world's largest online community of Cher fans. It began in 2008 as a multimedia project celebrating the Goddess of Pop's five-decade anniversary as an entertainer.

Things we pride ourselves of:

  • Our content has been featured in publications such as Billboard, Vogue, Time, and Rolling Stone.

  • Our YouTube channel has amassed over 3.1 billion impressions, 23 million hours of watch time, and 210 million views of our 400+ videos (and counting).

  • The nickname "Goddess of Pop," for which Cher is widely known today, was coined by us.

  • We rewrote Cher's Wikipedia article from scratch in a collective effort that lasted four years. With over 400 references, Cher's article is featured on Wikipedia's List of Good Articles under our nomination. Only 0.006% of the articles on Wikipedia have passed through the Good Article nomination process successfully.

  • The video we created for Closer to the Truth's "I Walk Alone" in 2014 is one of Cher's most-watched music videos ever on YouTube, with over 6 million views.

Official Blog.

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